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Vienna named world's most liveable city in 2023; check out these top 10 cities

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According to the recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on the global livability index for 2023, Vienna, the capital of Austria, has emerged as the top-ranked city to live in this year. The EIU highlighted that the findings of their latest survey reflect a sense of "optimism" as the livability index has reached its highest point in 15 years, with a growing focus on healthcare and education in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries. However, the report also noted a decline in stability scores compared to the previous year, which was attributed to civil unrest in certain parts of the world.

Vienna named world's most liveable city in 2023; check out these top 10 cities

Vienna secured its position at the top of the chart due to its favorable combination of livability factors, including stability, cultural offerings, entertainment options, reliable infrastructure, and excellent education and healthcare services. Copenhagen in Denmark claimed the second spot, while Melbourne and Sydney in Australia secured the third and fourth positions, respectively, in the 2023 rankings.

Vienna named world's most liveable city in 2023; check out these top 10 cities

The top ten cities to live in 2023, according to the EIU, are as follows:

Vienna named world's most liveable city in 2023; check out these top 10 cities

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Osaka, Japan, and Auckland, New Zealand

The EIU highlighted that efforts to restore normalcy following the COVID-19 pandemic and incremental improvements in livability made by many developing countries were the major drivers of changes in the global livability rankings.

Apart from Vienna, Copenhagen also maintained its second-place ranking from the previous year. Additionally, three Canadian cities, two Swiss cities, and two Asian cities made it into the top ten.

The survey noted that while Asia-Pacific cities showed significant gains, Western European cities experienced a decline in the 2023 rankings.

Notably, Kyiv, the capital of war-torn Ukraine, ranked a lowly 165th out of 173 cities in this year's survey. In contrast, Moscow in Russia, which had fallen to 96th place in 2022, remained stable in this year's rankings, according to the EIU.

The cities of Damascus in Syria and Tripoli in Libya retained their positions at the bottom of the list, as they did in the previous year's rankings.

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